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Born in Japan. Soon after graduated university, she went to NY to learn salsa and Osmar Perrones, the director of Yamlee Dance Company found her talent and invited her to join his company. She became a dancer highly evaluated for her astonishing spinning and following technique, surprisingly long beautiful arms and legs, and delicate yet powerful expression.

Since 2014, she had moved to France as a member of Alegria Dance Company. Has been dancing for so many world stages, now over 100 shows total including stages during career in Yamlee. Also appeared on some TV shows. Now she based in Asia again and coaching a lot of amature dancers. Every year she is raising world amateur salsa champions.
<World salsa summit 2020>

Professional On2 showcase 3rd place

<Canada salsa congress 2019>

Professional On2 showcase 2nd Place
Freestyle salsa 1st place

Freestyle chacham 1st place

<World salsa solo 2018>

Freestyle category 1st place

Choreography category 2nd place

Female salsa solo category 3rd place