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Guiu Vilanova & Borboleta Lua will be here in Hanoi – Vietnam for the first time ever! An amazing couple who are making waves in Europe and Asia. They refer to Kizomba as a dance which comes from your inside, from your soul. Connection is everything, and for this reason, their Kiz & Soul brand was born.

GUIU & BORBOLETA are trained by artists such as Albir Rojas & Sara Panero, Jojo & Mickaela, Laurent & Adeline, Tyron & Sarai, Seemore & Cristina or Rogelio Lorda, among others. Borboleta has since 2014 been the leader of “Lady’s Touch Barcelona”. The same consept as “Island Touch” one of the most famous Bachata Schools by “La Alemana” (Tanja Kensinger) and “Ataka” Jorge Burgos.

“We are still learning from everyone. Every day. As a teachers, we’re working in several schools in Barcelona and its surroundings. Schools such as “Seven Dance School”, “Ritmos Barcelona”, “Alocubano”, “La Martorell Salsera” and “Okan Salsa” have trusted in us teach their students our love for this amazing dance. And it’s been great so far!”

GUIU AND BORBOLETA launched their dance career under the label “Kiz & Soul”, becoming in a short time one of the most recognizable Kizomba couples in Barcelona.

And as regards their professional career, they have been in festivals such as:
– The 2nd Annual Japan Kizomba Festival 2016
– Roma Kizomba Festival 2016
– Kizomba Feeling Mallorca 2016
– Cali Kizombero 2016
– BCN Sensual Weekend 2016
– Barcelona Dance Congress 2016
– Sumer Salsa beach 8.0 2016
– For the upcoming events, we’re going to be in:
– Milano Bachata Day 2017
– Barcelona Temptation Festival 2017
– Karga Festival 2017