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**DJ Djemix**
DJ Djemix was born in the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe (where Zouk – a root of Kizomba – is from) and brought up in Paris. His Kizomba journey started when he went to Lisbon (Portugal) on holiday where he took his first kizomba steps and fell in love with the dance! Upon returning to Paris Djemix sought out kizomba lessons and quickly became a great dancer. He was already passionate about music and DJing and over time built up his kizomba / Urban Kiz repertoire.

Djemix has been a taxi dancer in an international dancer team travelling all around Europe to share their passion with international dancers, which was a great source of inspiration.

Alongside that, he was was a popular teacher and DJ who has been running his own parties in France and in England for some time, as well as guesting at kizomba events across the Europe.

Today Djemix is a renowned European DJ who is based in Paris.
He is well known for his broad musical repertoire and his way of creating an atmosphere takes the audience on a journey throughout his set.