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Terry Tauliaut is of Guadeloupe origin. He actually discovered salsa at the age of 19 at Pointe à Pitre. He has a solid foundation in urban dances and martial arts. Terry arrives in France in 2006 he meets Cécile Ovide who taught in a Parisian dance academy.

Cécile Ovide, from Martinique, has been dancing since she was 4 years old. It begins with the classic then tastes modern jazz, contemporary and urban dances. His training is heteroclite, musical comedy, dance salons, dances of character, clapper; she joined the National Conservatory of Montpellier and decided to return to the capital. She trained in Latin dances, began teaching a few years later and met Terry in 2006 in the academy where she taught.

They integrate different dance companies, before deciding to form their duet: Terry and Cecile.

In 2007 they founded their own dance school “Salsalianza” and began to work on their choreographic proposal. It was at the congress of Marseille in 2008, that Terry and Cecile will win the hearts of their audience with “Silencio” and begin to circumnavigate the world.

Since then, their choreographic repertories is really various, they mixe a lot of diferents dances, and the audience appreciates particularly their musicality and their dexterity in the couple mood.

Terry gives classes in Marseille and Paris always within Salsalianza, as for Cécile, she creates her association “C’Style Art” in 2015 and offers training courses regularly on the capital or elsewhere. We find Terry and Cécile in all the biggest festivals of Salsa planetary for workshops and shows of great qualities.