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Djulieta Amado
( Taiwan )

Djulieta Amado representr the beginning of a new era for couple dancing in Twan.

Ms. Amado, was born in Russia in the 90’s and was still a baby when her parents moved to a small island in Africa called Sao Tome. Growing up she gradually discovered a passion for dancing. Kizomba was such a natural part of her daily life that she could not even imagine that the rest of the world was not
listening it. She later lived for many years in Lisbon, Portugal, where she quickly got involved in the Kizomba, Semba and Funana scene.

ln 2009, Ms. Amado moved to Taipei to study but could never deny her African blood nor her passion. ln 2014, along with some friends, she founded AFROZOMBA from which the first generation of kizombeiros in Taipei was born.

The dancer hopes to inspire people not only to dance kizomba, but to learn the culture and the mindset that comes along with being a kizombeiro of root.