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David Zepeda is a professional dancer, specializing in Latin dances and is the current and undefeated 6x Salsa On2 World Champion at the 2013 World Salsa Summit and at the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 World Latin Dance Cup.

Born and raised in Puebla, Mexico, David grew up with a love for music and dance. With rhythm flowing in his veins, he chose dance as his profession and committed himself to mastering as many forms of dance that his feet could handle. Among them are ballet, modern, jazz, Latin rhythms, acrobatics, African rhythms and hip-hop.

His dance career began when he landed lead roles in Mexico’s finest resorts as a dancer under the direction of renowned choreographers. Then, David discovered salsa. He quickly fell in love with its rich history and passionate expression. While still a major dancer in his country’s resorts, David decided to broaden his experience and lent his skills and expertise to various dance schools. When David stepped into Canada’s “Mambo Productions” Dance School as a guest instructor and choreographer, his career went international.

His unique approach takes movement out of the box and pushes past a conventional dance vocabulary. As a choreographer, he has put his style into musicals and full length shows at resorts and casinos in his native Mexico. His salsa training includes private instruction from renowned salsa coaches such as Billy and Katie, Tito and Tamara, John Narvaez, Jayson Molina, Fernando Sosa, Eddie Torres, Lucho Giraldes, Gerardo Ramirez and many more.