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Sorush León Alikhani


Official Videographer: From Sweden – Sorush León Alikhani , Who is known the best Video production Crazy Lion Productions.

Breaking amazing news – Crazy Lion Productions who is known the best Salsa / Bachata / Kizomba Video production with big amount of followers and subcribers his videos in YouTube & Facebook is going to come and join our event this March. He will record our burning steps on dance floor as the most passionate videos.


Besides, he will have a Bachata Sensual workshop with Shirley Kent (From Hongkong). They are both very active Bachata dancers and have been dancing for several years.
Sorush & Shirley first met during their trip to Cadiz, birthplace of the Sensual style of Korke & Judith. Were they both underwent an Intensive Teacher Training course that is today their main teaching style of their classes. Together they provide high quality Sensual classes for all levels and are both appreciated in their respective fields for their classes and intensive training they provide.